Humanity is like a lamp in the dark, many follow the virtues as they can very well see it, but some tend to shut their eyes and unsee it. Human behavior is subject to consistent maleficent bows and arrows. It could lend the last drop of adam’s ale without greed and can back-stab you without any guilt.

A simple ideology served among humans. They pro-create it to the most complex lump of menace, which later depletes the core values of humanity. The phrase Ideology originated from French idéologie and was first used in 1801 by Destutt de Tracy. Nationalism (an ideology) is an idea and movement that promotes the interest of one’s nation until misused.

Nationalism, when, takes the form of the power-seeking malicious apiary, then tends to deplete the utmost human value defying moral law by driving themselves blind in the name of “interest,” which the whole universe should adhere to it. Ideologies are mold up in the human mind, detached from the universe. When the same gets linked to one’s pride and self-respect, it saturates to erupt violently. History is the evidence of the garbled use of “Nationalism,” leading to a catastrophic atmosphere. Many renowned authors/writers wrote books portraying how nationalism can be manipulated falsely by originating ideologies and beliefs based on yet simple term “Nationalism.”. Lodged down are the thoughts of a poet, writer, philosopher, and Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore.

Sterling compendium a mystic poet’s lectures published in 1917 conveyed across the globe in which he compares the true essence of West Nationalism, Japan Nationalism, and Indian Nationalism, which fall contrast to each other but proffer valuable indications. The indications which shiver the very foundation of humanity while looking at the chronicles owning a blind following of false belief struck back an arrow on humans for creating boundaries and differences based on color, gender, castes, and vengeful stances. Nationalism, when strived by a country for power, and dominance is a giant un-feeling machine that can go to any extent when lost the essence of unity. A machine with jaws wide open ready to gulp whatever comes in its way, induced by a pure sense of competition from its neighboring nations.

“The political civilization which has sprung up from the soil of Europe and is overrunning the whole world, like some prolific weed, is based upon exclusiveness. It is always watchful to keep the aliens at bay or to exterminate them.” – Rabindranath Tagore.

 The apparatus referred to Europe’s politics as merciless and cruel-centered thoughts of land expansion instead of “humanity” expansion, and Japan excelling as the queen of Asia learning from the west while not merely imitating false belief of “modernism” and staying to its spiritual pillars.

“True modernism is freedom of mind, not slavery of taste.”- Rabindranath Tagore.

 He sighs with satisfaction about fall behind India as she can learn by watching the short-timed power roots of Europe crippling with time. On the other hand, He respects the literacy achievements of the west and points out a lack of the crucial education approach in India, leading to unawareness of one’s position. Also, He motivates to seek self-satisfaction through unity and love, not by mere boundaries or bloodsheds.

Following the comparison of nationalism in dissimilar nations and their after-math, a deep analysis of the ideology is required. Another book introduces a not-so-new concept of origin and spread of nationalism in tortuous human society.

Benedict Anderson, a former part-time professor at Cornell University, political scientist, and historian. He had been very well known for his book “imagined communities” that got penned to publish in 1983, which carries the concept of “imagined community” that is an in-depth inspection of “nationalism” and its imbue by Benedict. It highlights the origin and spread of nationalism. He argues humans imagine social barriers creating various communities resulting in a complex structure. He begins with the connecting influence of vernacular languages suppressing ancient sacred languages like Latin, which led to the easy spread of thoughts among people. Several pieces of research show with the rise in the number of competent, the more complex a conversation tends to get. The primordial chronicles binge to guide us to the right path, yet it is us who shut our eyes before an ideology. Surprisingly, it is we who reject, misinterpret, create, experience, and create ideologies.

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