Actor Dwayne Johnson, the famous “The Rock”, is rich and successful today, but he has not always been so lucky. He was a poor homeless man in his teens and was helped on that occasion by former wrestling manager Bruno.

“ The Rock” never forgot his good deed, and he prepared a wonderful surprise for his longtime friend and bought him a car worth $ 30,000.

Dwayne posted a video on Instagram in which he talks to Bruno, who has no idea, about how he received him when he had nowhere to go when he was only 15 years old, and how Bruno just bought him his first car.


–   I can’t thank you enough for what you did when I was 15. You had every right to say you didn’t know that kid and didn’t want to live with him, but you accepted me anyway. Bruno, it means a lot to me because it changed my life. I love you and I am grateful. Thank you for buying me the first car, and now I have the opportunity to tell you – this is your new car, he told the startled man.

Bruno also cried when Dwayne put him in his new car.

–  No one has ever done something like this for me. I love you, he told the actor.

“I love you too,” The Rock replied.

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