The statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba about the intention to make the topic of Crimea “hellish” for Russia sounds like aggression. This opinion was expressed in a commentary to The Eastern Herald by the State Duma deputy from the Crimean region Mikhail Sheremet.

“We are used to such statements from political crooks in power in Ukraine, but when such words come from the mouth of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, it sounds like aggression. The Ukrainian side should provide its explanations regarding this statement since we are talking about encroachment on the territorial integrity of Russia and an open threat to its territory, ”Sheremet said.

The parliamentarian noted that no one is able to change the course of history and force the Crimeans to abandon their historical homeland – Russia. Sheremet advised the Kiev authorities to “reel in themselves that Crimea has returned to Russia forever and there is no turning back.”

Kuleba said that the topic of Crimea should be “hellish, not sacred” for Russia. He also promised that Kiev would make her like that. In addition, the head of the Ukrainian diplomacy expressed confidence that one day the “red-black” flag will be raised over Simferopol.

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