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The real drama took place yesterday in Washington when supporters of the outgoing US President Donald Trump (Trump) forcibly entered the US Congress building where a session of both houses was taking place.

Congressmen gathered to confirm the results of the US presidential election, according to which the new president is Joe Biden.

Trump first addressed the gathered supporters near the White House, saying that he would not recognize the elections.

Shortly afterward, several of them stormed Capitol Hill, after which the session was adjourned.

Trump supporters entered the building, shouting that Trump was stolen in the elections. After the general chaos, congressmen were evacuated and protesters smashed windows and inventory in the building.

After numerous name-calling, President Trump addressed the protesters, telling them to stay away.

The public was also addressed by Joe Biden, who also called on the mob to leave Congress, and asked the outgoing president to immediately call on supporters to give up violence.

Large security forces defended the Congress building and calls from other congressmen to end the chaos soon followed.

Due to Trump’s call, but also the fact that a curfew started in Washington, a large number of demonstrators dispersed.

One woman lost her life in violent protests. The American media characterized yesterday’s events in America as a coup d’etat.

Police said several people had been arrested.

After law enforcement forces removed the protesters from the Congress building, the session resumed.

Congressmen condemned the violence and called for peace.

Earlier, the main information fields dividing the country’s population into two. How misinformation flows affect American society and the US Presidential Election. Former US President George W. Bush condemned the incursion of protesters into the Capitol Hill building.

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