Facebook, YouTube, and later Twitter removed a video message from US President Donald Trump urging his supporters to leave the Capitol building. Also in it, he once again announced the “stolen elections”.

Facebook VP Guy Rosen tweeted that the video was removed because the current situation is “emergency.”

“This is an emergency and we are taking appropriate emergency measures, including the removal of President Trump’s video. We removed it because we believe it contributes to the violence and does not reduce the risk of its continuation,” Rosen said.

Twitter later blocked Donald Trump’s account until he deleted three tweets that violate the platform’s rules – and the next 12 hours after the tweets were deleted.

It is also noted that if he continues to violate the rules of the platform, his account may be blocked forever, despite the fact that he has 88 million subscribers.

Recall that before Trump’s supporters broke into the Capitol, parliamentarians managed to approve only 2% of the electoral votes.

In Washington, supporters of Donald Trump protested against the results of the presidential election, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden. During the protest, there were clashes with law enforcement officers.

Later, unknown people were able to break through law enforcement officers to the Capitol building, where the US parliament is to approve the results of the presidential election. Due to the incident, the meeting had to be suspended, and the building of Congress was closed for entry and exit.

It was reported that two protesters were injured in the Capitol building, and one woman died as a result. At the same time, according to media reports, several officers were also injured.

In turn, Donald Trump ordered to send US National Guard servicemen to the Capitol, where his supporters broke through, disrupting the announcement of the election results.

Trump’s opponent in the election, Joe Biden, called what was happening an attempted rebellion and an “attack on democracy.”

Trump supporters gathered outside the Capitol building, where the US Senate was supposed to approve the results of the presidential election today. Trump personally urged them to take to the streets the day before. And today he said that he would never give the victory to Biden and would fight to the end. And yesterday he promised to arrange a hellish battle for the White House.

The “Trump era” ends: the electoral college has awarded Biden a “clear victory” in the presidential race. But will Biden manage to stitch together a fractured American society? Or will Republican Trumpedia just change to Democratic Bidenian?

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