House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that Congress will continue the process of confirming the election results, which was violently interrupted by the incursion of Trump supporters.

–   Today, a shameful attack was carried out on our democracy, aimed at the highest level of government. However, that must not hinder us in our obligation to confirm the election of Joe Biden – said Pelosi. 

The decision to continue the proceedings was made in consultation with the Pentagon, the Department of Justice, and Vice President Mike Pence, who “turned his back” on Trump.


9:35 Congress has just confirmed the election of President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College over President Trump, CNN reports. 

By counting three electoral votes in Vermont, Biden and newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris crossed the 270-threshold needed to win the presidency.

The Senate and the House rejected the objections to the exclusion of the electoral votes of Georgia and Pennsylvania for Biden. Republicans also opposed electoral votes in Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan, but the proposals failed before reaching a debate.

9:33 The House of Representatives has just rejected an objection to an electoral vote in Pennsylvania, CNN reports .

The House of Representatives and the Senate will now reconvene in a joint session to continue counting the remaining votes of the Electoral College. Pennsylvania will be the last state to be debated.

We need 12 more states.

9:25 The number of arrests is expected to rise. The mayor of Washington said that the police intend to ask the public for help in identifying the protesters, many of whom were photographed and filmed and published on social networks. The FBI later Wednesday called on the public to send them photos and videos to help identify those who “actively incited violence.”

8:41 Elected officials call for the removal of Trump from power

Two elected officials and major media columnists are openly calling for Trump’s removal from power, two weeks before Biden enters the White House, AFP reports.

All Democrats in the judicial committee of the American House of Representatives sent a letter to Pence asking him to activate the 25th Amendment in the interest of democracy.

8:15 White House Deputy National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger resigned in response to President Trump’s reaction to a crowd of his supporters who broke through the US Capitol, a person close to Pottinger confirmed to CNN.

8:00 A woman who was killed yesterday while trying to break into the hall of Congress has been identified as Ashley Babbit, a veteran of the US Air Force, writes the New York Post.

She lived in San Diego. She adored Donald Trump, and tweeted earlier in the day:

–  Nothing will stop us … the storm is here.

Pence accepted Pennsylvania’s objection

7:22 Vice President Mike Pence accepted Pennsylvania’s objection to its election results.

Michigan Democratic MP Dan Kildee tonight sharply condemned his Republican colleagues whose rhetoric helped spur an attack on the U.S. Capitol, saying their names should be remembered forever, CNN reports.

“It was invented by politicians … and the President of the United States himself and some of my colleagues who know better,” Kildee said, appearing on CNN this morning.

“Members of Congress who supported this sudden attack on the Electoral College vote will have it permanently written in ink and everyone should know those names,” Kildee said.

  • I will never look at my colleagues who voted for these challenges, who encouraged this madness … the same, and that includes some of my colleagues from Michigan who I could not look in the eyes today when we gathered in a safe place – he said.

The Senate is now voting on Pennsylvania’s objection

7:15 Senate votes on Pennsylvania’s objection.

Lawmakers have given their time allotted for debate and are expected to reject any attempt to knock out state votes for newly elected President Joe Biden.

The objection was raised by Pennsylvania MP Scott Perry and Senator Josh Hawley.

Objection denied

The objection to the confirmation of Pennsylvania’s electoral votes was rejected tonight in the Senate, by votes 92-7.

With Adam Republican senators who voted to support a complaint with the senator from Texas Ted Cruz, the senator for Missouri Josh Hawley, the senator from Wyoming, Cynthia Lummis, the senator from Kansas Roger Marshall, the senator from Florida, Rick Scott, the senator from Alabama’s Tommy Tuberville, and the senator from Mississippi Cindy Hyde-Smith. 

US Vice President Mike Pence took to Twitter:

–   We strongly condemn the violence that took place here and mourn the loss of life, as well as the injuries suffered by those who defended the Capitol.

Earlier, the main information fields dividing the country’s population into two. How misinformation flows affect American society  and the US Presidential Election. Former US President George W. Bush condemned the incursion of protesters into the Capitol Hill building.

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