Maya Berovic revealed when she will become a mother
Maya Berovic

Singer Maya Berovic gathered her impressions and revealed her plans for 2021.

–  As for the year, it was very difficult and I think we all come out of it mentally tired. I would never want what happened to us in 2020 to happen again. As for the wishes, I can say that I am eager for a concert and performance, I miss them very much and I would like that to change with the first months of next year. Privately, for my family and friends to be healthy because at the end of this year we realized that health is the most important thing a person can have – said Maya for “Telegraf”, and revealed whether she would like to be realized as a mother.

–  Many ask me that, but I would like to put an end to that question once and for all. I think there are a lot of things I haven’t done in my career and that it’s the right time to do it now. Parenting can wait a few more years because you need to be ready for that, but also to enjoy all those moments with the child. Then you can’t go to performances and perform many other activities, but simply your life takes on a new dimension and you have to subordinate all obligations to the child. That is why I believe that it is never too late for that chapter of life – she said.

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