The FBI and other US federal agencies are planning to arrest those who led the supporters of Donald Trump who stormed and looted the Capitol, CNN reports. Dozens of charges are expected to be brought before local and federal courts in Washington.

Including, 15 federal cases can be opened against persons who, possibly, may be involved in more serious crimes. According to media sources, the charges may also be related to improvised explosive devices, which were found the day before on the territory of the Capitol, as well as at the headquarters of Republicans and Democrats in Washington.

FBI digital technicians are said to have examined CCTV footage in and around the Capitol. They also use software to match faces to messages on social media.

At the same time, Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and other federal officials are coordinating the response. However, they are faced with questions about why law enforcement agencies were unprepared for such events, which Trump and his supporters have talked about on social networks.

Because of yesterday’s assault, they want to repair and build a more impassable fence around the territory of the Capitol. It will go west to defend the territory where presidential winner Joe Biden will be inaugurated.

In Washington, supporters of Donald Trump protested against the results of the presidential election, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden. During the Capitol violence and protest, there were clashes with law enforcement officers.

Later, unknown people were able to break through law enforcement officers to the Capitol building, where the US parliament is to approve the results of the presidential election. Due to the incident, the meeting had to be suspended, and the building of Congress was closed for entry and exit. Note that before Trump’s supporters broke into the Capitol, parliamentarians managed to approve only 2% of the electoral votes.

As a result of the protests, four people were killed. In addition, the police detained more than 50 people.

In turn, Donald Trump ordered to send US National Guard servicemen to the Capitol, where his supporters broke through, disrupting the announcement of the election results.

Trump’s opponent in the election, Joe Biden, called what was happening an attempted rebellion and an “attack on democracy.”

After a break in the meeting, Congress still approved the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election. He received 306 college votes, up from 270 needed. Trump received 232 votes.

Many of Trump’s supporters are sincerely convinced that vote-rigging helped Biden win the election. A significant percentage of Trump supporters, drawing information from social networks and far-right sites, do not believe in the danger of the COVID-19 virus either. How did it happen that America was swept by a wave of disinformation?

Earlier, Obama said “Trump instigated violence, this day will be remembered”. the main information fields dividing the country’s population into two. How misinformation flows affect American society and the US Presidential Election. Former US President George W. Bush condemned the incursion of protesters into the Capitol Hill building.

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