China has threatened the United States that it will pay a “heavy price” if its ambassador to the United Nations, Kelly Craft, travels to Taiwan in the coming days, as the US State Department announced.

A statement issued by the Chinese mission to the United Nations, Thursday, said, “The United States will pay dearly for its bad work,” adding that “China urges the United States to stop its crazy provocations and to stop placing new difficulties in the face of Sino-American relations and cooperation between the two countries in the nations.” United “.

The Chinese mission statement indicated that Beijing “strongly opposes” this visit and calls on Washington to “stop moving forward on the wrong path,” stressing that China is one and Taiwan is only a boycott.


The date of Kraft’s scheduled visit to Taiwan has not yet been set. The Chinese official Xinhua news agency criticized in a previous statement the US ambassador’s plan to visit Taiwan in the coming days, saying that it violated China’s sovereignty.

Despite Beijing’s opposition, the Trump administration sent officials to Taiwan last year, amid simmering disputes between the two countries over trade, security, cooperation and human rights.



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