America continues to seethe after the storming of the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump.

Although less than two weeks are left before Joe Biden’s inauguration, part of Congress wants to impeach Trump for “inciting a coup.” He was blocked on social networks (Twitter later resumed his account). They are already talking about criminal prosecution with the subsequent imprisonment.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the actions of Trump supporters a rebellion, which was provoked by the president himself, and called on Vice President Pence to immediately use the 25th amendment to the US Constitution to remove the head of the White House from power “for a threat to national security.”

“The President of the United States has called for an armed rebellion against America. The situation requires us to act immediately. With only 13 days left, any of these days could be America’s nightmare,” the speaker said and otherwise threatened with impeachment.

Congress is already claiming that the impeachment issue could be put to a vote next week.

Trump himself, after being unblocked on Twitter, released a video message in which he condemned the storming of Congress and promised to peacefully transfer power to Biden.

In his address, he promised that those who broke the law during the rally would “pay” for it. He also stated that those who used violence that day “are not representatives of the United States.”

According to Trump, the country went through tough elections, so emotions are boiling – but now “passions must subside, and peace must be restored.”

Trump said he tried every opportunity to challenge the election results and ensure an honest vote count.

“Our only goal was to preserve the credibility of the vote, and in doing so I fought for American democracy,” Trump said.

He also wrote that he would not go to Biden’s inauguration on January 20, although it is accepted that the outgoing president is present at the ceremony.

And he continued to mobilize his supporters.

“The 75 million great American patriots who voted for me will have a giant voice for a long time to come. They will not be disrespectful or unfairly treated in any form or form,” the incumbent tweeted.

The events in the Capitol have sharply dashed Trump’s support among the American elite (including the Republican establishment), and dealt a blow to his position among Republican voters, who were frightened by images of chaos in Congress.

But most of them are still for him, and almost half of the party’s supporters directly supported the attack on the Capitol.

Trump fans are rallying across the country to support him, as the majority remained confident in the election theft and did not recognize Biden as President. And this is an army of millions of Americans. In social networks, a group “Party of Patriots” has been created, in which they are going to celebrate Trump’s “second inauguration” on January 20, demonstrating that he remains president for them.

The event was announced as an “online event”, but, according to some reports, a radical part of Trump fans may try to disrupt Biden’s inauguration. True, this will not be easy: Washington has imposed a curfew and increased security measures.

We found out what is happening in the United States, how the world reacts to it and what will happen next.

“Special operation against Trump”

There are several versions of the events in the Capitol. One by one, the office building was stormed by ardent Trump fans, mostly far-right radicals and various freaks like a guy in a fur hat with horns.

According to another, it could be a provocation by Trump’s opponents to discredit him and remove him from political life. Some of the president’s supporters believe that it was allegedly an operation by special services at the behest of the Democrats to create the desired picture: they say, the protesters were lured into the Capitol, which explains, for example, a strange inaction of police officers.

In the second version, by the way, many Trump fans are sure.

“I usually don’t go to protests, let alone take over the Capitol, I’m law-abiding, like most Trump supporters. We are not leftists, not BLM (Black Lives Matter -” black lives matter “- Ed. ), who in the summer organized pogroms, set fire to, destroyed, looted. This assault was rigged, after all, and so would have approved Biden. Trump had to be made an idiot and dictator, and the “Trumpists” were shown as terrorists and bandits. So, more than 74 million voted for Trump, criminals? We demand one thing – the truth and respect for our rights. And there is good reason to believe that this election was dishonest and a recount is needed. Personally, I will support Trump in the next election, if he is nominated, “John Emmett told us from Austin.

Other supporters are ready for radical action and beyond.

“Biden’s inauguration should not be, he was illegally elected, so on January 20, I’m ready to protest again. Thanks to Trump, people have jobs, life has become better. I’m ready to follow my President Trump to the end, you cannot give up. Four patriots have already died, one of them – a veteran of the US Air Force. These people are heroes. If someone from the BLM activists were shot, such a storm would have already risen, and who will answer for the dead white Americans? special forces against BLM and no one touched his supporters. So they did not smash anything all summer, and the most desperate ones went to storm the Capitol when it was already the last straw. And they quickly cleaned up everyone and killed four “- indignant in a conversation with us Kimberly Tully from Miami.

Party of Patriots prepares for Trump’s “inauguration”

More than 300,000 people have responded on Facebook to the event, which was initially titled “Donald Trump’s second inauguration” on January 20, 2021 (the event is listed as “online”, but there are rumors that it could go “offline” and end in an attempt to disrupt Biden’s inauguration) …

But after Facebook forcibly deactivated the event, they created it again, calling it differently – “Party of Patriots” (obviously alluding to the party that Trump could create).

Also, they say, Trump is preparing a rally on January 20, at which he will allegedly announce his presidential nomination in the 2024 elections.

“I would expect Trump to constantly fuel the beliefs of the electorate that they have stolen a victory. And if not on January 20, then on January 21 he will announce that he plans to run for elections in four years. And most likely his main motive is that thus, any legal proceedings that may relate to yesterday’s events and cheating with taxes, he can present as politically motivated, “- said the BBC political analyst Sam Green.

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