Turkey launched a new satellite “Turksat 5 A “, Friday, into space successfully from the base of “Cape Canaveral” in the south of the United States.

The satellite was launched at 05:15 Turkish time (02:15 GMT) from the American base.

The moon launch ceremony was attended by the Turkish side, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Omar Fatih Sayan, General Director of Turksat Joint Stock Company, Junction, and concerned personalities.

The Turkish satellite, which belongs to the fifth generation, was launched by a “Falcon 9” missile produced by “SpaceX”.

Turkey launched the first satellite, on August 10 / August 1994, “Turksat 5 A is a fifth-generation satellite.

Ankara aims to launch 5A to enter all regions extending from the Turkish-speaking republics to China in Asia in addition to Africa and Europe within the scope of its coverage, which means that millions of the world’s population will be able to communicate via Turkish satellites.

In the previous statements, General Manager of “Turksat” Genc said Shen, the moon 5 A will start work in a new round, and covers a wide and different geographic regions, with the latest technologies and greater capabilities.

He explained that the satellite will provide excellent telecommunications services to Turkey, in addition to countries in the West, East, and the Middle East and North Africa.

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