Turkish minister confirms that they are receiving satellite signals from Turksat 5A

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure confirmed the first reception of signals coming from the satellite “Turksat 5 A” after 35 minutes of its launch.

This came in a speech delivered by Adel Ismailoglu, Friday, at a meeting at the headquarters of the “Turksat” company in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

He explained that the launch took place at 05:15 local time in Turkey, instead of 04:28 due to weather conditions, from a base in Florida, USA.


He explained that the satellite has settled in orbit and that the experiments of the Turkish engineers will begin after 4 months, after which the satellite will enter work.

Ankara aims to launch ” 5A ” to enter the regions of the Turkish republics up to China in Asia in addition to Africa and Europe within the scope of its coverage, which means that millions of the world’s population will be able to communicate via Turkish satellites.

Meanwhile, the minister pointed out that the satellite “Turksat 5 B ” is ready to launch in June next.

The satellite “Turksat 6 A “, stated that it will be launched in the first months of the year 2022.

The Turkish minister stressed the importance of Turkey continuing to achieve space successes, indicating that it is part of sending astronauts to space.

It is noteworthy that Turkey is one of 30 countries in the world that possess satellites in space, and with the launch of “Turksat 5 A” brings the number of Turkish active satellites in space to 7 satellites.