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Bullet for Trump. How the US is trying to justify the murder of Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt in the Capitol

Ashley Babbitt's humble memorial outside the Capitol in Washington.
Ashley Babbitt's humble memorial outside the Capitol in Washington. Photo: New York Times

The death of a Trump supporter, a 35-year-old veteran of the US Armed Forces Ashley Babbitt, shot during the storming of the Capitol. leading American media describe her as a fanatical “invader” and almost a terrorist and Nazi.

And if the murder of black George Floyd by a white policeman in Minneapolis last summer spawned a whole anti-Trump movement with mass rallies and pogroms throughout the country, then the reaction to the shooting of Babbitt is completely different.

Details are in the article “Countries”.

“Execution Live”

An investigation into the death of Ashley Babbitt, it seems, maybe released on the brakes. In any case, eyewitness testimonies have already appeared in the media, claiming that the police officer who shot her allegedly had no other choice.

He himself was not arrested, but only suspended from service for the duration of the investigation, and his name has not yet been named.

“Why don’t we know yet who shot the unarmed girl in the Capitol?” – outraged Buzz Patterson, the Republican candidate for Congress from California.

“Say his name,” he urges, echoing the slogan used by the Black Lives Matter activists after Floyd’s assassination.

On the social network Parler, where Trump left after being blocked on Twitter, the hashtag “Justice for Ashley” was circulated.

As seen in the video posted online, a plainclothes cop fired almost point-blank when an unarmed Trump supporter, in a crowd of protesters who smashed several windows, tried to get inside the Capitol.

The woman died from a chest wound in the hospital. After serving 14 years in American aviation and having traveled to hot spots in the Middle East, Babbitt was shot in Washington.

Babbitt lived on the outskirts of San Diego, California, and after leaving the army, she and her husband owned a pool maintenance company. Relatives call her a great patriot and an ardent Trump fan.

As one of her friends and former co-workers, Jack Feely, admitted to the New York Post, she said Trump was “worth dying for.”

Fili called her execution “a live execution”.

“You could love her or hate her – that was her character,” her ex-husband said in an interview with public radio station NPR. “She was not shy about it.

The New York Times, close to Democrats, writes that Babbitt is being made an icon, and her name is being turned into a “battle cry” by ultra-right and white nationalist groups on the Internet, who consider her death as proof that they were treated unfairly.

At the same time, the publication stipulates that she “was part of a brutal crowd that laid siege to the Capitol in Washington, causing chaos and panic, which prevented the official confirmation of the victory of President-elect Joseph Biden.”

Moreover, in an article on Babbitt, the New York Times author talks about “the role of women in white nationalist and far-right movements” and recalls the “Ku Klux Klan.”

That is, in fact, we are talking about the dehumanization (“dehumanization”) of the victim of the shots of the Capitol guard so that no one has sympathy for her.

Note that this is in radical contrast to the way the “democratic” media in the United States presented the murder of Floyd and the deaths of protesters in Belarus during protests against Lukashenko, and on the Maidan in Ukraine.

“Conspiracy Theorist”

Also, the democratic media emphasize Babbitt’s alleged fascination with conspiracy, the Washington Post directly calls it an “invader”, in fact justifying her murder, and NBC News titled the story about her as follows: “The woman killed in the Capitol was a Trump supporter who supported conspiracy theories.”

CBS reports that Babbitt was “fanatically” devoted to Trump.

The former soldier tweeted under the nickname CommonAshSense: in it, she identified herself as a “libertarian” and wrote that “I love my boyfriend, my dog ​​(German shepherd) and, most of all, my country.”

In addition to being an ardent supporter of Trump, Babbitt supported the Second Amendment to the US Constitution on the right of people to own weapons. She, like millions of Trump supporters, was convinced that the elections were stolen from him.

Babbitt has several photos on social media wearing a red cap with the words “Make America Great Again” worn by Trump supporters, as well as a T-shirt with an American flag.

Babbitt supported the construction of the “wall” on the border with Mexico. Among her retweets are the posts of Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former Trump adviser General Michael Flynn. She spoke out angrily about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris (when she was still a Senator from California). Babbitt said she was “fed up” with these politicians.

The day before the storming of the Congress, the woman wrote: “The storm has begun” (“Storm is here”). Several other Trump supporters who stormed Congress also had a poster with the same phrase.

Then, according to the New York Post, Babbitt wrote, “Nothing will stop us,” the post referred to the weather canceled many flights from San Diego to Washington, where Babbitt was going to fly. This tweet has now been removed from her profile.

Also, a few hours before the assault, the former military said on social networks that Vice President Mike Pence, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court John Robert should resign because of “high treason” and for the same charges should be brought against former US Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Trump supporters brought posters with the words “Treason” (high treason) with them to Congress.

In several posts, Babbitt has indeed endorsed QAnon, a conspiracy theory that emerged four years ago that claims to be a secret organization in the highest political circles in the United States.

The main enemy of QAnon supporters is called the “deep state” (deep state), and Trump is considered the savior of the world. Adepts of unification believe that he is confronting the stars and officials who control Hollywood and Washington, traffick children and want to destroy the United States.

The FBI has identified QAnon as a potential terrorist threat, but Trump noted in August 2020 that her followers love the United States and him personally. Although he made a reservation that he knows nothing more about the movement.

In September, Babbitt posted a photo from the Trump boating parade in her hometown of San Diego. The picture shows a woman in a T-shirt with QAnon symbols.

Incidentally, Georgia’s Kwanon supporter Marjorie Taylor Green was elected to the US Congress. In addition, rallies of the association’s fans were held last year in London and Berlin.

“I loved America with all my heart”

A different tone in articles about Babbitt in the media close to the Republicans. For example, Fox News emphasizes (and makes the headline) that the woman is known as a patriot who “loved America with all my heart.”

Journalists quoted her relative Justin Jackson as describing Babbitt as “extremely passionate about what she believed in” and “deeply in love with the United States.”

“A lot of this enthusiasm and passionate support for Trump is reflected in her Twitter account,” Fox News reported.

According to media reports, Babbitt served as a senior security officer in the US Air Force.

Military records show that she held the rank of senior pilot and entered military service in April 2004 and served in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the fighting was going on.

Her last active duty was Dyce Air Force Base in Texas, where she served as Controller of the Security Forces before leaving the military in 2008.

Fox News reveals a detail that has been kept quiet in the liberal media – Babbitt has received a dozen awards and accolades during her tenure, including the National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, and the merits in the Air Force Reserve.

Earlier, Richard Grenell sharply criticized Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Richard Grenell is a close associate of US President Donald Trump.

Thousands of Trump supporters violently stormed the Capitol last Wednesday during the certification process of the results of the US presidential elections, in which the Republican mogul, who denounces a “fraud“, was defeated by the Democrat, Joe Biden. Also, a woman was shot during the Capitol riots in Washington DC. Latest reports say that four died during the Washington riots.

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