Three people have died in the storm that is now sweeping over Spain. Heavy snow has fallen all over the country and the weather has prevented travel. This is the heaviest snowfall seen in Madrid in decades and responders have been called in to help drivers who have their cars stuck in the snow.

Respondents have so far had to come to the aid of 1,500 people who have been stuck in their cars. The snow in Madrid allowed skiers to pull out their skis and ski around the city.

A man and a woman drowned after a river overflowed their banks near Malaga in southern Spain. A homeless man was killed last night in Calatayud, Spain.


Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Spain’s interior minister, urged people to stay at home.

“Now we have the worst storm of the last half-century,” he said today.

More than 650 roads have been closed due to the snow and many people had to sleep in their cars last night after it got stuck on the roads.

Schools are closed until Wednesday due to the weather and Madrid’s Barajas Airport has been closed since yesterday and will be closed for the rest of the day. More than fifty flights to Madrid, Malaga, Tenerife, and Ceuta were canceled due to the weather.

The Spanish Meteorological Office announced today that so much snow has not fallen in Madrid since 1971.

Earlier, Madrid hasn’t had this much snow since 1963, look at what looks like during this heavy snowfall in Madrid, Spain.

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