Pope Francis' personal physician died of coronavirus
Personal physician of Pope Francis, Fabrizzio Socorsi

The personal physician of Pope Francis, Fabrizzio Socorsi, died from complications due to the Covid-19, reported the Vatican media. Soccorsi, 78, had been admitted to the Agostino Gemelli hospital in Rome since December 26 for an oncological pathology (cancer), but the cause of death was due to the complication of pneumonia caused by COVID-19.

Socorsi had been chosen as a personal physician by Francis in 2015 when he was a consultant to the Vatican’s Directorate of Health and Hygiene and emeritus director of Hepatology at the San Camilo Hospital in Rome.

According to the profile spread by the Holy See, Soccorsi, born in Rome, graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome in 1968 and has developed a “broad professional and educational activity”.

He has also directed the department of liver, digestive and nutritional diseases of the Department of Internal Medicine and was a specialist at the Hospital de San Camilo Forlanini, in the Italian capital.

He has also taught Immunology classes at the Hospital Medica Hospital of Rome and the Lazio Region.

Among other things, he has carried out “various collaborations and consultations” in the public sector, with more than a hundred publications and scientific contributions. And he was an expert on the Medical Commission of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

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