An official in the National Transport Safety Committee in Indonesia suggested, Monday, that the plane belonging to Sriwijaya Airlines crashed in the Java Sea, with 62 people on board, after it hit the water, referring to the debris that rescue teams found at the site of the accident.

“We cannot verify yet, but if we look at the wreckage, it is spread over an area that is not wide,” Norcayo Atomo said in an interview with Reuters.

He added, “It is possible that the plane was torn apart when it hit the water because if it had exploded while flying in the air, we would have seen debris scattered over a wider area.”

On Sunday, the authorities announced the location of the two black boxes of a Boeing plane that crashed off the coast of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, with 62 people on board, in a move that would help investigators find out the causes of the accident.

The head of the transport ministry committee, Sorganto Tjjanto, said that divers who found body parts, debris and a piece of children’s clothing, “will search (for the two boxes) and I hope it will not take long before they are recovered,” according to AFP.

On Saturday, the air traffic controllers lost contact with the Sriwijaya Indonesian company linking Jakarta with Pontianak on Borneo island, about 4 minutes after it took off.

The authorities did not give any details so far about the possible causes of the accident.

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