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Deprive second term: Trump officially accused of inciting mutiny

Four supporters of the outgoing US president and one policeman were killed when a crowd of Trumpists broke into the Capitol building.

Deprive second term: Trump officially accused of inciting mutiny

Representatives of the US Democratic Party have submitted a proposal to Congress to declare impeachment to President Donald Trump, whom they accused of “inciting insurrection.”

The text of the document argues that the current head of state deserves to be deprived of his powers and should not hold any elective office in the future, since he committed the crime “inciting violence against the US authorities.” The authors of the document emphasize that the American constitution prohibits persons “involved in a rebellion or rebellion against the United States” from holding elected office. Thus, the impeachment announcement to Trump will deprive him of the opportunity to go to the polls again in four years.

To adopt the document, at least two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives must vote for it. However, observers have already noted that the vote cannot take place earlier than January 19, as the legislature is now on vacation.

On January 6, after Congress approved the election results, Trump held a rally for his supporters and urged them to go to the Capitol. The procession turned into an unorganized assault on the building. When the Trumpists broke into the Capitol, clashes broke out between them and the police; As a result, a white woman, Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt, was shot dead. One of the policemen was also fatally wounded; another three people died from causes other than violence.

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