Kevin Seefried brought the Confederate flag from his home in Delaware
Photo: AFP

A man who was photographed holding the Confederate flag of the United States during the riots last week within Congress was arrested today in Delaware, police said.

The US intelligence agency FBI published a bulletin with his pictures and asked the public for help with identification. She said she was seeking help in identifying individuals “who entered the Capitol illegally”, including a man with the Confederate flag.

The man was later identified as Kevin Seefried, writes The New York Times.

The identities of Kevin Seefried and his son Hunter Seefried were established after the FBI received a report from Hunter’s acquaintance who said that he boasted that he was with his father in the Capitol on January 6. The FBI has filed charges against both Kevin Seefried and his son.

Kevin Seefried admitted that he and his son were part of a group that entered the Capitol illegally.

He said he brought the Southern flag from his home in Delaware where it is usually displayed, according to CNBC.

Court records say videos on Twitter show Hunter Seefried helped remove the remnants of glass from a broken window on the Capitol.

After doing so, the crowd could enter the Capitol building, “the document said. The federal prosecutor in Washington said he expected hundreds of people to be charged with crimes related to the Capitol riots soon. Several suspects have already been arrested.

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