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Jack Dorsey is not happy about Donald Trump being blocked on Twitter

Jack Dorsey addressing Twitter employees, the video leaked on Twitter.

Jack Dorsey - We have to protect integrity
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Twitter leader Jack Dorsey said that the social network’s attempts to suppress content calling for violence would not stop the profile of the outgoing US President Donald Trump, whose profile was permanently suspended last Friday due to, as they said from Twitter, “the calls for violence that his tweets provoked were too overwhelming,” writes the New York Time.

It will take longer

The people behind the Veritas Project, a project that deals with exposing prejudice in the media, posted on Thursday a video from a meeting on Twitter during which Dorsey said the aforementioned. Veritas said the recording was delivered to them by an influencer on Twitter.

Recall, the largest social networks and related platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, and Twitter blocked Trump’s profiles after his supporters attacked the US Congress and briefly occupied it. Five people lost their lives during that raid on the Congress building.

After the attacks on the Congress, which came after he called on his supporters to go to the Congress at the rally in Washington, Trump did not condemn the attack but even praised his supporters with a detour. Twitter did not question the credibility of the recording but said it contained almost the same content that Dorsey posted on the network on Wednesday.

“The remarks shown in the video were delivered to our more than 5,400 employees and are nearly the same words Jack shared in a recent Tweet Thread offering context around and reflections on our work to protect the conversation in recent weeks.,” a company spokesman told the Fox News.

The team in charge of this has a lot of work to do and is focused on that one thing. We need to give them space and support so they can focus on the bigger picture because it won’t go away. You know, America is deeply divided and our platform shows that every day. We must protect the integrity of the debate and ensure that no one is harmed by it. That’s our focus, that’s what we want to give.

The right decision

Twitter profiles of the three most famous promoters of the QAnon movement – lawyer Sydney Powell, her client and former director of the US National Security Agency Mike Flynn, and former administrator of the 8kun forum (previously 8chan) Ron Vetkins (Watkins) – they were shut down a few hours before Trump’s profile was permanently suspended.

Dorsey considers the decision to suspend Trump to be correct, but he said that he knew that it was a slippery slope and that he did not want to limit the possibility of clarification, redemption, and learning.

–  I do not celebrate the decision to block Donald Trump’s profile, nor do I feel proud of it. After a clear warning that we would do so, we acted on the basis of the information we had, while taking into account security threats on Twitter and in real life – Dorsey wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Public safety

–  Is that the right decision? I believe it is for Twitter. We find ourselves in a situation where we have to give all our attention to public safety. The real-world violence that occurs after hate speech on the internet exists and that fact shapes our policy and its implementation. When we take such moves, there is a public debate. They divide us. They limit the opportunity for clarification, redemption, and learning. They also set a dangerous precedent – an individual or a corporation can control part of public discourse. I think it is important to accept that we live in a time of great insecurity and suffering. Our goal is to disarm as much as possible and to ensure the most peaceful existence on earth. I think the internet and global public discourse are the best and most relevant methods to achieve this. I admit that it doesn’t seem that way today.

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