Lungs after Covid look worse than any type of smoker’s lung we’ve ever seen, says the doctor
Photo: Twitter

Texas doctor Brittany Bankhead-Kendall, who has treated thousands of coronavirus patients since last year, has revealed the effects Covid-19 has on the lungs.

Namely, she shared three X-rays of her lungs on her Twitter profile: one healthy patient, one smoker, and one patient who overcame coronavirus.


–  I don’t know who should see this, but the lungs after Covid look worse than any type of smoker’s lung we’ve ever seen. And they are collapsing. And they coagulate. And shortness of breath is delayed … still … still – she wrote next to the X-rays.

The lung image of a healthy patient is clear because they have a lot of black space, which indicates that a person can inhale a lot of air. Looking at an X-ray of the smoker’s lungs, a haze is noticeable that indicates scarring and blockages. The third image shows the lungs after Covid, which look almost completely white, meaning that the lungs are severely damaged. After her tweet received a lot of attention and thousands of responses, the doctor was invited to say a few words in the news on CBS.

The lungs look almost completely white after Coronavirus recovery
The lungs look almost completely white. (Photo: Twitter)

–  Everyone is so worried about mortality and it’s scary and horrible. But almost all survivors who have had a coronavirus can also face problems – she said.

The doctor claims that even asymptomatic cases of corona can leave patients with serious lung damage.

Difficulty breathing

“There are still people who say, ‘I’m fine, I don’t have any problems,’ but when you take a picture of their chest, you see that their lungs are in a terrible state,” the doctor said.

Dr. Bankhead Kendall also adds that if a patient feels shortness of breath after COVID, he should stay in touch with his primary care physician.

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