Armin Laschet is the new president of Germany’s leading party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

He is the popular minister-president of the largest German province North Rhine-Westphalia since 27 June 2017. Armin Laschet is known for his pleasure in participating in traditional carnival festivities.

Migrant communities

He presented himself as a candidate for progression and was considered a favorite of Angela Merkel herself.


Laschet defended Merkel’s policy during the refugee crisis in 2015 and is known for his liberal attitudes, commitment to the European Union, and the ability to get closer to immigrant communities.

His call for easing of protective measures to combat COVID-19 last spring surprised many and, according to media reports, angered Chancellor Merkel.

Repaired damage

Since then, Laschet has changed his stance on the issue and worked to repair the damage he has done to his own political credibility.

The political climate in Germany has been further changed by the coronavirus pandemic, which has complicated and slowed the search for Angela Merkel’s successor.


Public Reaction