For fear of new protests by supporters of the outgoing President Donald Trump , both central Washington and the headquarters of the parliaments of many states in the country were shielded today and were practically isolated, an image that marks the tension that exists in the United States in the eve of Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration next Wednesday.

The political tension in the United States began months ago with the massive protests against racism and police brutality that unleashed not only the repression of local police but also Trump’s harangue to supremacist and ultranationalist groups, some of them even armed.

However, fears of a backlash to Biden’s inauguration multiplied after the Capitol attack a week and a half ago.

This week, the FBI warned that there were calls for protests by Trump supporters in front of the legislatures of all 50 states and the capital. Therefore, today some of these districts, such as Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, decided to reinforce the security of those buildings until they were shielded, the CNN news network reported.

The same happened in the capital, Washington DC, where, beyond a few isolated arrests, there have still been no scenes of violence or tension since the attack on the Capitol on Wednesday.

Today there were no protests in any of the state capitals or in the federal capital.

Everything indicates that these security levels will be maintained until Wednesday, when Biden assumes the Presidency, in a ceremony that will be marked by the lack of public and celebrations in the streets, and – what will be even more striking – the physical absence of Trump, who has already announced that he will leave Washington and will not be present for the inauguration.

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