Anyone who announces that he will apply for the impeachment or removal of the newly elected US President Joe Biden risks being deleted from Twitter.

Just as Democratic congressmen welcomed Donald Trump when he entered the White House, so Republicans will welcome Democrat Biden, according to “Geopolitics”.

Business activities of the Biden family

Trump has been accused of ties to Russia and twice tried to recall him, and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is also announcing the same thing to Biden because of his alleged ties to China and Ukraine.

Specifically, because of the unresolved affair with his son Hunter Biden in the gas business in Ukraine at the time when his father Joe Biden was the vice president of the USA in the Obama administration and in charge of the post-revolutionary Ukraine issue, as well as because of the unresolved business activities of the Biden family with a Chinese company.

The social network Twitter restricted Greene’s access immediately after she announced that she would initiate the impeachment of Biden on the first working day after his inauguration.

Violation of internal social network rules

Now Marjorie Taylor Greene will not be able to publish new posts, and Twitter has accused her of “violating the internal rules of the social network.”

The world media are already writing about this case, including The Times magazine.

Part of American society and the Republican Party accuse Twitter and other social networks of trying to satisfy the interests of the new American administration through censorship and bans.

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