One of the common complications in patients with coronavirus is intestinal colic, stomach pain, and exhaustion. This was told by the doctor-gastroenterologist of the highest category Evgeniy Dubovka from Ukraine.

According to him, in every 5th case, post-void patients have problems with the stomach or intestines.

“It can be intestinal pains, dyspepsia (heartburn, nausea, flatulence), in some patients the disease proceeds without fever and cough, but with powerful colic in the abdomen. Reacts with bloating, pain, someone loosens stool, and someone then on the contrary – a tendency to constipation is formed. In some cases, colitis worsens. In some cases, and we have already seen it twice, after covid one of the most serious diseases in medicine manifested itself – ulcerative colitis, when frequent diarrhea with blood appears,” Dubivka noted.

The doctor notes that the gut is responsible for a quarter of a person’s immunity, and according to research, its microbiota shapes our mood. In addition, the genome of intestinal bacteria, which is 3-4 kilograms, is tens of times larger than the human genome, that is, bacteria have more genes than the host.

“It is not fully known what happens in the intestines during coronavirus. If it normally secretes its immune substances, the protective activity increases. You see, you need to think not only about the mask, washing your hands and not to rub your eyes with your fingers, but so that the intestines work well.” – added the doctor.

It was previously reported that early signs of coronavirus infection can be manifestations of dryness in the nose and mouth, the most common symptom is the loss of smell and taste.

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