Alexei Navalny on Vladimir Putin:

Russian opposition Alexei Navalny denounced on Tuesday that his appearance in court was an attempt to “scare millions” of Russians and again accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering his poisoning with a nerve agent last summer.

“He will go down in history as the poisoner,” he told the court. “You know, there was a certain Alexander (II) the Liberator and a certain Yaroslav the Wise. And we will have Vladimir, the Poisoner”.

The opponent stressed that “everyone has been convinced that he (Putin) is a simple three-to-fourth official, who was put into office by chance. He has never participated in a debate. Their only means of fighting is murder ”.

“They imprison one of them to scare millions,” said the opponent at the hearing, after which he could be sentenced to spend between two and a half and three and a half years in jail for violating, according to the authorities, his judicial control.

After the demonstrations that broke out in Russia and with it the arrests of protesters who demanded greater political flexibility and the release of Navalny, he said that it is impossible to arrest thousands of people.

“When they realize this, and that moment will come, they will see that the whole country cannot be imprisoned,” he said.

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