A group of German farmers drove tractors through the center of Berlin today, protesting against the adoption of new regulations, which they say will abolish the existence of many in the name of ecology.

Dozens of tractors passed through the streets of Berlin, and the slogans “Agriculture needs a future”, “When right becomes wrong, resistance becomes a duty”, “Schulze wants to get rid of us” and “No farmers, no food, no future” were written on the vehicles.

Farmers have sent a letter to Federal Minister for the Protection of the Human Environment Svenja Schulze, who is behind the proposed law on insect protection, which is expected to be approved next week in the German parliament.

Farmers claim that the law is too restrictive and will de facto ban the use of insecticides for many, which will ruin their business.

Farmers believe that the main motivation of the law is an ideology, not science.

“We promote biodiversity, but not unsustainable ministries,” the Land Creates Connection website states, according to Rasha Tudej.

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