Facebook plans to develop its own smartwatch

Sources close to Facebook’s hardware team for The Information portal have revealed that Zuckerberg’s company again has plans to deal with the production and sale of hardware.

So far, they have only succeeded to some extent with the acquisition in the form of Oculus, while other products such as the Portal smart screen or the once long-planned smartphone have never experienced commercial success.

Facebook’s smartwatch isn’t so much of a surprise as this company intended to take over wearable sports car maker Fitbit before it was bought by Google.

Health and communication

Now they plan to create their own product on Facebook, allegedly based on Android, and it should be able to connect to mobile networks. So this smartwatch would have the ability to make calls and connect to the Internet. However, Facebook is also working on its operating system in parallel, so the smartwatch could come with their, completely independent, OS.

The basic functions would focus on the use of Facebook and its other services such as Messenger, and on applications that take care of the health of users and monitoring physical activity.

All this would, of course, have a social component, so the watch would allow comparisons with friends, competitions, joint exercises at a distance, or virtual cooperation with coaches. The first watches from this series should be placed on the market next year, and the second generation is planned for 2023.

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