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Microsoft is testing dark mode for MS Word

Microsoft is testing dark mode for Word

Dark mode, or dark mode, has become a very popular visual design for many programs, services, and web browsers in recent years.

Although we would say that word processing programs are the only thing where the dark mode is unnecessary, because we all have a natural way of writing on white paper, Microsoft believes that the time has come to offer “full” dark mode to Word users as well.

The Redmond team has already made it available to Windows Insider users, which means you can try it out if you’re one of them.

Microsoft says that dark mode in Word can help many users reduce eye strain and reduce problems for those who are hypersensitive to light, so it has expanded the Black Office theme to backgrounds as many users have been looking for.

You can find the full Microsoft statement at this link and it is not yet known when the new feature will be available to all users who use Word, so don’t look for it by options unless you’re a Windows Insider.

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