Trump's legal team is concluding its case in his impeachment trial

Donald Trump’s legal team is currently giving its closing arguments in the Senate in the second trial for the recall of the former president.

Prosecutors in this trial have already given their speeches. Jamie Raskin claimed that Trump was the “main advocate” of the violence that took place on January 6 and that he “supported the hooligans”.

“We have proved that he betrayed his country, we have proved that he betrayed the Constitution, we have proved that he has betrayed his oath,” Raskin said.


“Senators, in the end, this trial is not for Donald Trump, our country and the whole world know who Donald Trump is. This is a trial about who we are, “Raskin added.

As a reminder, the presentation of the plaintiff’s closing arguments was briefly interrupted twice. For the first time, Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee rebelled, opposing the timeline of the call he had with former President Trump on January 6, while the uprising in the Capitol lasted. The second interruption referred to a video in which Donald Trump repeats a false claim that the election was stolen, which was released by prosecutor Madeleine Dean during her closing remarks.


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