British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he was very optimistic that all restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic would be lifted on June 21, and added that the UK Government would revise the use of vaccination certificates.

Johnson presented a map of the exit from the blockade for England yesterday, according to which some companies will remain closed until the summer, saying that caution is necessary to ensure that there is no reversal on the “one-way road to freedom”.

–  I hope so, but obviously nothing can be guaranteed. I am very optimistic that we will be able to achieve that – Johnson said when asked about June 21 as the date set for the lifting of the restrictions.

With nearly 130,000 deaths, the UK is fifth in the world in the number of COVID-19 casualties, and its economy has experienced the biggest decline in more than 300 years.

But in the past two months, Britain has managed to provide an initial dose of the vaccine for more than a quarter of the population, which is the fastest of all major countries.

The opening will be dictated by the data

Some from Johnson’s Conservative Party are questioning whether the reopening schedule could have been faster, given the success of the British introduction of vaccines so far.

Earlier, Health Minister Matt Hancock said security was a priority.

“We are all absolutely determined to get out of this quickly and as safely as possible, but not faster than that,” Hancock said.

The roadmap shows that restrictions on nightclubs and major events will be last lifted on June 21, although the government stressed that the reopening will be dictated by data, not dates.

Ethical issue

Johnson also said that Minister Michael Gove would lead the process of analyzing the “scientific, moral, philosophical and ethical” aspect of the issue of certification, ie vaccination certificates for those who have received the coronavirus vaccine, which could facilitate the reopening of entertainment and catering facilities.

“There are deep and complex issues that we need to explore, ethical issues about the role of the government in obliging all people to get vaccinated,” Johnson said.

He stated that the Government must not be discriminatory towards people who, for whatever reason, cannot get the vaccine.

–  There may be medical reasons why people cannot get the vaccine. Some people really don’t want the vaccine – he added.

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