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Tuesday, August, 16, 2022

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Discovering Yourself – The Sure Way to Personal Happiness


∆ Discover your ‘True’ Self

Discovering oneself is one of the most important attributes of personal development. This has to do with knowing those things you can do and build upon. Individuals are blessed with the ability to do different things, but discovering these abilities is your greatest asset. For example, you can know how to write, dance, or play football, but if you don’t dance, you definitely won’t know how good you are. On finding yourself, you tend to know the kind of person you are and this means that you will know what you are good at and can do almost perfectly, or what you shouldn’t try at all. The level at which you are good at something differs and to achieve greatness, you need to discover your strength and weaknesses. Also, when you discover yourself, it helps you define your ability and capability which can help you measure your improvement.

One of the ways towards self-discovery is good companionship. A good friend will point out your talent and encourage you to forge on with it. Everyone has people whom they take as friends; “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. While on the mission of self-discovery, be chary and careful of the type of friends you make. Some will make you; some will leave you as you are and some will mar you. Good friends will help you to discover your true self.

Self-discovery gives you recognition and attention, it makes people know you for certain things and gives you a peculiar character distinctive to you. When you can improve your character, you earn people’s trust, respect, and followership. It gives you self-esteem and self-reliance.

People tend to have many talents which they fail to discover. Ability to discover these talents is usually a major challenge. When on the road to self-discovery, you have to be honest with yourself; if you are confident or timid, reserved or unreserved, gallant or reticent, etc, you will only understand this by studying yourself. You need to actualize your personality, accept yourself or improve on them. All these, you get to know when you study yourself.

Also, ask questions from your kith and kindred. Those you live with or stay close to knowing who you are and can give objective opinions about you. Use them to define yourself and build on what you define.

Furthermore, having a true intent of what you can actually do. You need to be honest with yourself; how do I respond to challenges? How do I cope under pressure? Am I the confident type? Although some of these might not be inbuilt, one can actually tell which you are by being honest. Being timid doesn’t mean you cannot be confident. You can actually build on any challenging characters.

However, the most important thing after discovering one’s self is to keep up with it. Constant utilization of these characters is very important. It helps to bring out the best in you. Since practice leads to perfection, you will definitely improve when you utilize your abilities.

More so, get a mentor; someone who actually knows more about what you just discovered. They can help you and guide you towards reaching a greater level and becoming more professional. More so, having a mentor helps to prevent the waste of talents. Furthermore, be flexible with yourself. Utilize yourself in different ways and don’t be too harsh or rigorous. You should enjoy yourself not endure yourself. By this, you can have a wider understanding of what you can achieve. When we learn how to discover our true selves, it helps us know our purpose and how we can achieve it. This process brings out the best in us and prevents the waste of talents. Although our ability might not all be inborn, we can only understand that when we go through the process of rigorous training, discipline, and dedication.

Discover yourself and know your true self.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Eastern Herald.

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Habeebullah Oladipo
Habeebullah Oladipo
A graduate of B. Sc. Microbiology. Researcher and Highly resourceful. Passionate about biosciences with a strong interest in molecular biology and biotechnology. A contributor to The Eastern Herald.


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