625 latest COVID vaccines arrive in Montenegro from China
Photo: Agencies

In the last 24 hours in Montenegro, eight patients died from the consequences of the coronavirus, while another 625 newly infected were confirmed, according to the Institute of Public Health of that country.

The laboratories, the IPH said, had completed analysis for 2,216 samples for the new coronavirus.

As of yesterday’s cross-section, eight covid-19-related deaths have been reported to the Institute, of which the youngest was 59 and the oldest 91 years old.

The IPH states that the total number of deaths related to covid-19 infection in Montenegro since the beginning of the pandemic is 1031. Recovery was reported in 480 patients by 3 pm.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the total number of registered cases of new coronavirus infection in Montenegro is 77,493.

By the way, a contingent of 30,000 doses of the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm arrived in Montenegro today, and this country is among the first in Europe to receive a donation of the vaccine from China.

So far, 2,000 Russian vaccines have arrived in Montenegro, as a donation from Serbia, while they have purchased another 5,000 doses from Russia.

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