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Is Ezugi making Slots Online?

Is Ezugi making Slots Online?
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Gambling analysts back in the 20th century were probably thinking that there wasn’t much more the industry could do to get more successful, seeing as it was already drawing in billions a year, and had been responsible for several absolutely mind-blowingly large casinos complexes in places like Las Vegas and Macau. But here’s the thing: there’s always more you can do, and the arrival of online casinos in the 21st century has proved this.

Oh yes, because online casinos have managed to multiply global gambling revenue by an unprecedented amount over the last two decades, it really is fascinating. New companies like Ezugi pop up all the time, desperate to cash in on this remarkable gambling explosion – play at Cozino. Most new companies turn to online slots first, but not all… It led us to the question – is Ezugi making slots online? Let’s take a look!

An overview of online casino company Ezugi

Ezugi isn’t one of the most popular or well-known online casino providers, so it is more than worth delving into their back-story a little bit so we can get better acquainted. The company was created back in 2012, which means they are still a relatively new developer, although that doesn’t mean they’re not experienced. Oh no, because Ezugi was started by a bunch of hugely experienced online casino professionals – in other words, they know what’s what!

Over the last eight years, Ezugi has managed to grow into a bona fide global online casino titan, with nine different studios around the world, and partnerships with 100s of different online casino operators. The passion for online gambling is easy to see with Ezugi, a key reason behind their monumental success over the past several years.

Does Ezugi offer slots online?

It is pretty standard for online casino developers to offer slots online these days, especially seeing as that is where most of the money is these days. Surprisingly, however, Ezugi doesn’t actually offer slots online, as they prefer to focus on things like live casino games instead. The live casino industry is rapidly gaining traction, so companies like Ezugi are certainly keeping themselves ahead of the curve.

And anyway, with online slot developers like Big Time Gaming and NetEnt out there today it is hard for a new developer to break through, as the technology at the top of the industry is just so good. Better to focus on a live casino after all!

Some popular Ezugi games

One of the main reasons why Ezugi has been so successful is the fact that they offer an intriguing array of live casino games, some of which you cannot really find anywhere else. For example:

  • Bet on Teen Patti: Bet on Teen Patti is a classic Indian card game that uses the same hands as in poker, but with slightly different rules. It pits people against each other, and whoever’s 3 card hand is best wins.
  • Jackpot Roulette: Jackpot Roulette combines the sheer excitement of the roulette wheel with a daily progressive jackpot, it just doesn’t get better!
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