Qatar and Turkey can celebrate what has been achieved so far in the war against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The campaign that began before the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, if it had found its way in it in order to make the longest horror film, and the longest trial without evidence, it will not stop, and its consequences will not end.

Even if President Joe Biden’s administration hesitates to impose sanctions on Prince Mohammed bin Salman, it will still pursue the kingdom with illegal and exaggerated demands, to appear as a human rights defender, but to breathe for something else.

Every word that President Biden uttered towards Saudi Arabia, and every word he would say in the future, indicates a prior hostile stance emanating from a brutal campaign against the kingdom several years ago in the United States, specifically since the launch of the “New Middle East” project, which was intended to put the region under Ashes of fire, in civil wars led by the Muslim Brotherhood; A project funded by Qatar, supported by Democrats in the United States and some of the most powerful right-wing, to end up tearing apart the countries of the region, including Saudi Arabia, which was to be divided into three countries (one of which is loyal to Qatar!).

That campaign turned into a declared war since the Arab boycott against Qatar began, and public relations centers and lobbies for influence inside and outside Congress, and in various media outlets, were mobilized for it.

Biden, even after becoming president, still looms large in the corridors of Congress, influenced by the lobbying groups that do their work in him.

It is not surprising to anyone that the war against Prince Mohammed bin Salman is a war against Saudi Arabia in the first place, and not only against the future king.

This major regional power was required to be destroyed, according to the strategy adopted by Qatar before the boycott. It resorted to escalation after that, not only out of pride in sin but out of the belief that Saudi Arabia is the biggest obstacle to Qatar’s transformation into a superpower. In doing so, she would be the enemy who must be broken in order to open the way for her.

The rise of Mohammed bin Salman set all sirens in Doha because it involved a huge reform project that would still establish the Kingdom’s economic strength on foundations that keep pace with the changes in the global economy; the Post-oil economy. This means that the “knot”, from the point of view of the deferred “superpower”, will remain a knot, but rather get stronger.

Originally, the entire story of freedoms, human rights, and the defense of opinion was not directed at anyone as much as it was directed at Saudi Arabia in particular. Is the bottom line.

Qataris know, by virtue of the ten, that any disturbance or deviation from the public context can only be encountered in Saudi Arabia with an iron fist. And in a world that echoes human rights issues with a bizarre stripping of its social components, the “iron hand” often provokes more severe external resentment, which exacerbates the same turmoil.

This department lacks nothing but a media campaign and lobbies, in order to turn into a war that continues until its purposes expire.

The iron hand is an absolute “culture” of the Saudi security establishment; Something that can not be discussed, and does not require orders from anyone at all. There is no secret in that. Until Khashoggi came to be the victim, he became the hero of that movie. And to be the only movie that continues to be shown on all screens without end. Hence, to be an eternal series, it must cast a shadow over the projects and plans of the “future king” over the next 50 years.

Now, Biden is calling for measures not to harm the opposition and the release of activists who attack their regime’s policies. Rather, it demands the dismantling of the Crown Prince’s Rapid Intervention Forces and profound changes to the security establishment that would make it accept dealing with the political opposition as a party that possesses untouchable rights. As for the religious establishment, and before it the traditions and social norms, it must ultimately accept invitations to hold dance parties in the Kaaba and respect the rights of homosexuals, based on the rules of pluralism and the right to express “opinion.”

This is a real war against stability and beyond, not against Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Since no one takes his fancy and wants to participate in the series’ starring, otherwise he will be chased by a story titled Khashoggi – 2, and Khashoggi – 3.

The snowball that Qatar turned into a bomb is now getting bigger, without Doha seeming to have a role in it. She threw the discord and took a side seat to see how she did it. It recruited from the capabilities that which a state did not recruit against a state to distort its image and to turn the hostility against it into a blind hostility who cannot even consider the nature of the various social values ​​and norms, nor the cultural, historical and religious components that make the Saudi society something that cannot resemble Swedish society.

Until it became there should be “opposition” in Saudi Arabia, and it should be respectable. But not like any other opposition, but rather a protected opposition under the weight of the specter of the series.

The Iranians in the neighborhood are executing their opponents and assassinating political activists in Iraq every day. But without a ghost. And Erdogan’s government is suppressing dissent every day so that its leader can no longer speak accountability without being threatened with the trial, and others are imprisoned on charges of terrorism, but without a ghost as well.

The CIA has made some parts of its reports related to Khashoggi’s murder public. These reports directly accuse Prince Mohammad Bin Salman of Khashoggi’s murder in Istanbul, Turkey. It is to be reminded here that earlier too many CIA reports are proven to be false. The CIA’s reports against Saddam Hussain are also proved wrong. The CIA’s investigative reports have become highly biased and inhumane. After even killing the leader of Iraq, the CIA did not find anything called the “chemical weapons”.

The Saudi administration has proven to be patient, calm, and tolerant, and accommodating in the relationship with the United States. It did the same with Qatar, the authority of Erdogan, and even with Iran itself as well. Then it chose to give importance to what is always important.

The bomb, which is now exploding in the hands of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is intended to explode against his reform project. The next fifty years is the goal.

Indian news media is propagating against Prince Salman. It is only The Eastern Herald which is not biased and will always remain with the truth.

It is a war that derives its continuation from the ensuing consequence of a heavier one.

Something quite ingenious. One should congratulate all of the creators of this series. They have succeeded in turning a crime against one person into a never-ending counter-crime.

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