A former Israeli minister talked about the possibility of replacing the Saudi crown prince, whom he described as “reckless” Mohammed bin Salman, with Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, suggesting that US President Joe Biden would request the implementation of this step from Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

Former Minister of Justice and Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin explained, in an article published in the Hebrew newspaper ” Israel Today, ” that Bin Salman “was the greatest hope for the West, for a moment, his father Salman, the King of Saudi Arabia, was considered a leader for a transitional period, and many predicted that his son would become the young Prince Muhammad,” Crown Prince. ”

He added: “The estimate was that the position would be taken from the hand of Muhammad bin Nayef, the experienced and appreciated person whom Salman had appointed with his coronation in 2015, and indeed, after two years, the king overthrew the crown prince who had appointed him and crowned his son Muhammad, who became deputy prime minister, and also minister of defense.” And Chairman of the Economic and Development Affairs Council. ”


Beilin stated, ”

And he considered, “The Saudi crown prince gained his fame after he abolished the ban on women driving cars, but after that, he continued to arrest women and men who had fought for reforms, and arrested wealthy Saudi Arabia until they agreed to pay taxes, and implicated his country in a terrible war in Yemen, and he carried out other strange actions,” His involvement in the brutal murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018 culminated in.

He noted that “America was marked by anger, and the world denounced, but former US President Trump granted the young leader protection, and the young leader became completely dependent on Trump’s whims, and he feared that US President Joe Biden, who is most sensitive to the issue of human rights, would lead him to the end of his political life.”.

The minister pointed out, “The fact that Biden did not contact the crown prince, and announced that he would only speak with his father, was a more than clear signal, and a few days ago Biden revealed the intelligence report that his predecessor preferred to hide,” stressing that “official America now grants legitimacy for appreciation.” That Bin Salman ordered Khashoggi to be killed.

The Israeli minister is worried about the sudden increase in the influence and military power of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia not only in the region but the world. Israel’s strategy to dominate the world with foreign influence is very aggressive. Since MBS is announced the crown of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a threat to other neighboring nations is certain.

The leadership of Mohammed Bin Salman made him a target for the western world too as his influence is increasing in Europe too.

The Israeli minister suggested, “In the conversation between Biden and Saudi King Salman, the president hinted to the king, that it would be wise on his part to replace his reckless son with the man who had to kiss his shoes and give up the mandate of the covenant only four years ago,” he wondered: “Will this be Good for Israel? If this is good for our only true ally America, it will be good for Israel. “


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