At a time when the international media was preoccupied with the US intelligence report, which was originally based on speculation and expectations; Mohammed bin Salman was announcing mega development projects, which are only an extension of a package of projects that he had announced and started implementing, and on the eve of the disclosure of the report, the Crown Prince was sponsoring the largest Formula One race in the world in Riyadh, and before that he sponsored the largest horse races in the world, and this is sufficient evidence, however, he is more concerned with the development and the country than paying attention to the vulgar stances of international media.

When Mohammed bin Salman makes a historic change at all levels and in most important issues, he does not meet the trends of some countries as he hesitates, but rather he fulfills the citizens’ desires for reform and many issues in which he made a great way for the better.

We admit that we are late for some changes; But 5 years were enough to turn the equation towards excellence and creativity, such as the law of women’s rights, the elimination of extremism, the huge projects such as Qiddiya, Neum, the Red Sea project and the Souda Asir, the housing law, the elimination of corruption and bureaucracy, and the increase in the proportion of non-oil revenues to high levels, as the Kingdom achieved the center The first in digital competitiveness at the level of the G20 countries in the past three years, and 40 places jumped in the index of the digital infrastructure for communications and information technology, in which the Kingdom’s investments in its field amounted to US$ 14 billion, resulting in an increase in the average level of Internet speed, so that the Kingdom became the first country in race of the fifth generation, and among the top ten countries in the world in mobile Internet speeds, earlier Saudi Arabia was outside the list of the top 100 countries in the world in this regard. In addition to the size of the investment fund exceeding US$ 250 Billion, and it is expected that the strength of its internal investments will create opportunities not only for Saudis but for others too.


These achievements are only a simple indication of the progress and development that is still taking place in the era of Prince Mohammed bin Salman. All this does not satisfy some countries. It does not want to see Saudi Arabia at the forefront of countries, and from here you will find them focusing on the Khashoggi file; They think that this will lessen these achievements.

It is strange that a number of international media outlets consider all of Iran’s files, starting with its killing of more than 500,000 Syrians, and the displacement of millions, and what it is doing in Yemen is normal! They also believe that what happened in Baghdad Central Prison, “Abu Ghraib”, is less than the Khashoggi incident. Although Khashoggi’s killers have been tried; While the crimes of Iran and those in charge of Abu Ghraib prison are faced with international silence!

In the famous Central Park incident in New York, the police dragged five blacks from the street and forced them, under beating and insult, to admit to a rape incident, and after 12 years the real rapist appeared and they were acquitted, and when they demanded compensation; The Mayor of New York refused at the time, and they did not receive their compensation, which amounted to $ 40 million, except with the arrival of the new mayor in 2014 after considering the grievance, and one of them had been discharged from prison with insanity. This story was revealed recently on ABC News.

This incident reveals the true face of America, which preoccupied the world, and left what is going on inside of it in terms of injustice and torture, this incident is more ugly than the Khashoggi incident, which was not an ordinary incident as well.