The founder of the German company “Biontech”, the Turkish scientist Ugur Sahin, expected control of the Coronavirus in the United States and most European countries by the end of the summer, despite the stalled distribution of the vaccine against it.

Sahin told the German newspaper “Welt am Sonntag “, published on Sunday, that “it is likely that we will not need to close in many European countries and the United States by the end of the summer.”

“There will be outbreaks, but they will not be effective, and there will also be mutations, but they will not scare us,” he added.


On Germany, he explained that “it is possible to ensure that 70 percent of the people will be vaccinated by the end of next September, which is the expected timing for the virus to become less effective.”

On Friday, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier awarded the two Turkish scientists, “Sahin”, and his wife, “Ozlem Torrice ,” the country’s highest award for their development of the world’s first effective vaccine against the Coronavirus.

Both Sahin and Torrice were born to parents who immigrated from Turkey and moved to Germany in the 1960s, and after studying medicine, they achieved successes in multiple fields, including cancer immunity, molecular biology, and RNA vaccine technology.

The German company “Biontech”, which the couple founded in 2008, was able to develop the first effective vaccine against Coronavirus in the world in November 2020 in cooperation with its American partner, “Pfizer”.

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