Former officer of the special forces regiment of the Chechen police Suleiman Gezmakhmaev invented a story about “executions” in which soldiers of the unit allegedly participated. According to RIA Novosti, this was stated by the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

“A drug addict, about whom it’s even ashamed to say that he served in the regiment. First, he fled to Germany, and in order to obtain asylum, he invented stories about his adventures, but his “testimony” was not enough there. Then he came to St. Petersburg. There he knew all drug addicts, got into debt, and he already had huge amounts of unpaid loans. They found him in St. Petersburg, and he invented fairy tales: they strangled this one, took him away, hanged him, and shot him, ”Kadyrov said at a meeting in the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Chechnya.

“And everywhere he … How did he manage to be everywhere? That, besides him, there was no one in Chechnya when all this was happening? ” – added the head of the republic.

Gezmakhmaev’s story became the basis for another article about extrajudicial executions allegedly taking place in Chechnya. It was published on March 15 by Novaya Gazeta. A former member of the Akhmat Kadyrov Special Police Regiment under the Chechen Interior Ministry claimed to have witnessed the massacres.

After the article was published, the unit’s fighters turned to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to pay attention to Novaya Gazeta’s attacks against them.

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