Arab diplomatic sources in Riyadh revealed that Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will arrive in the Kingdom next Wednesday on an official visit at the invitation of King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

On Thursday, the Saudi monarch held a video-call meeting with Al-Kazemi, during which he invited the latter to visit the Kingdom.
For his part, Al-Kazemi announced his country’s support for the Saudi initiative to end the crisis in Yemen.

The sources indicated that Al-Kazemi will meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with whom he has a close relationship, in Neom, in the northwest of the country, along with a number of Saudi officials to discuss a number of developments in political and security issues in the region and coordinate the two countries’ policies towards them through the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council in addition to reviewing what has emerged. About the previous four rounds of agreements and memoranda of understanding aimed at strengthening relations between the two countries and the results of the committees emerging from it.

The sources added that Al-Kazemi will inform Saudi officials about the steps taken by his country in terms of consolidating the foundations of security and stability and combating terrorism in his country, which are adopted by organizations that receive support at various levels from some regional powers with the aim of undermining the government’s prestige and preventing Iraq’s return to Arab embrace and the need to keep the region away from tensions. And the pursuit of sustainable security.

The sources did not rule out that the Iraqi side would bring to the table the new project of the Levant, a project that Hussein Allawi, the advisor to the Iraqi prime minister, described as “a project with important economic dimensions for Iraq and the countries of the region” and is being discussed between Baghdad, Cairo and Amman, and perhaps new countries will join it, and here we are talking about Moderation countries, ”he said.

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