Erdogan: Turkey is moving with confident steps to be a regional base for the production of smartphones
Photo: Agencies

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country is moving with confident steps to be a regional production base for smartphones.

In a press statement, Erdogan added: “Turkey, in which more than 10 million mobile phones are sold annually and constitute a meeting point for the markets of Europe, Russia and the Middle East, is moving with confidence to be a production base for smartphones in the region.”

He pointed out that the Chinese company “Xiaomi” factory, which it set up in Turkey with its partner “Salcombe”, with an investment of about 30 million dollars, will provide job opportunities for 2,000 people, through a production capacity of 5 million phones annually.

He expressed his thanks to all investors who trust Turkey, its capabilities and its future during the difficult period that the world is going through due to the Corona pandemic.

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