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The terrorist organization “ISIS” announced that it had adopted the armed attack on the city of Palma, northern Mozambique, and its control of the city.

In a statement circulated on social media and local media, the organization said that its militants “launched a massive attack on the city of Palma on Wednesday.”

He added that “the clashes lasted 3 days, during which various types of weapons were used, and ended with the control of the coastal city, which has a population of about 75 thousand.”

The statement pointed out that ISIS militants “attacked military barracks and government headquarters,” noting that the attack resulted in “the killing of at least 55 Mozambican army and foreign nationals.”

Earlier in the day, CNN reported that an armed group “took control of the city of Palma,” but on the other hand, it indicated “the difficulty” of verifying these allegations, amid the interruption of communications.

The network quoted Colonel Lionel Dyke, whose private security company “Dyke Consulting Group” had contracted with the Mozambican police in the region, as saying that the city and its beaches “are full of bodies, with heads and without them.”

It is noteworthy that the exact number of victims in Palma is unclear, as many are still missing, according to the same source.

However, Omar Saranga, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense in Mozambique, said in press statements that “7 people were killed while trying to flee from a siege on a hotel.”

In recent years, militants affiliated with the terrorist organization “ISIS” have attacked villages and towns throughout the region, causing the displacement of about 700,000 from their homes and killing more than 2,500 others, according to media reports.

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