The Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States (Turkic Council) is in solidarity with the government and people of Azerbaijan on the issue of restoration and integration of the territories of Azerbaijan destroyed as a result of the Second Karabakh War.

Azerbaijani APA news agency reports that this is stated in the statement adopted following today’s informal meeting of the leaders of the Turkic Council member states in the format of a video conference.

The statement emphasizes that the Turkic Council supports the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The statement also noted that the Turkic Council intends to enhance the role of the values ​​and interests of the Turkic world in even greater recognition and support on a regional and global scale.

In the document, the city of Turkestan, a region in Kazakhstan was declared one of the spiritual capitals of the Turkic world, it was emphasized that a similar status could be granted in rotation to other well-known ancient cities of the Turkic world.

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