Prince Mohammed bin Salman accompanies Al-Kazemi on a tour of Ad Diriyah
Photo: Al-Arabia

On Wednesday, the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, accompanied Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi on a tour of the historic Al-Turaif neighborhood in Ad Diriyah(a town in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

Today, Al-Kadhimi is on a visit to Saudi Arabia, during which he held talks with the Saudi Crown Prince, which focused on increasing cooperation between the two countries in addition to the latest developments in the region.

Meetings were held at the coordination council level between the two countries, where 5 agreements were signed, in the financial, commercial, economic, cultural and media fields.

The Iraqi delegation included governors of border provinces with Saudi Arabia to discuss increasing border crossings between the two countries.

Before his arrival to Saudi Arabia, Al-Kadhimi said on Twitter that the visit aims to consolidate the distinguished relations between the two countries and to establish prospects for cooperation between the countries of the region, in a way that serves the peoples, achieves stability, and consecrates the values ​​of construction and integration.

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