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Advantages of EyeRide Bus Camera and Passenger Counter

Mobile surveillance cameras from EyeRide help drivers capture images or video of everything around them in stunning clarity as they are on the move. EyeRide offers a broad range of camera options for you to install in your commercial fleet. Each vehicle surveillance system, including bus cameras, can be configured to meet your unique requirements. The high-quality manufacturing standards that EyeRide maintain ensure that the company leads the vehicle surveillance camera market. 

Invest in fully adjustable bus cameras and improve the efficiency of your fleet. The money spent on high-definition bus cameras will improve road safety — EyeRide combines the best video quality and advanced technology to produce the industry’s best camera coverage. This means that from the driver’s seat to the passengers’ seats, nothing will be missed. The wide field of view and HD resolution will allow you to zoom in on what is happening around your vehicle at any moment in time.

Advantages of EyeRide Automatic Passenger Counters

Eyeride has developed highly advanced passenger counting software based on video analytics for public transportation. These systems provide unique information on your routes, passengers, and commercial fleet. 

Upgrade your fleet by installing bus cameras and automatic passenger counters (APC) from EyeRide, and you will benefit from efficient tools to track your passenger statistics in real time. 

Obtain accurate and timely information on your fleet operations and understand how passengers utilize your buses. 

The following are some benefits of installing EyeRide passenger counters in your commercial vehicles

  • Real-time passenger count
  • Know your peak vs off-peak hours
  • Perform route analytics
  • Figure out the number of passengers per stop
  • Truck your bus location in real-time
  • Increase your fleet efficiency

Why video surveillance systems are critical in school buses

The ability to record time-stamped footage of a bus driver can protect the lives of children who rely on your vehicle for transportation to school every day. Bus cameras also protect drivers, as well as the schools they work for. 

EyeRide bus surveillance cameras come with waterproof armor, which means they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In-vehicle video surveillance cameras can be connected directly to your buses’ 12V power systems. You can customize your bus camera to stay constantly powered up or to record footage only after detecting motion. 

Video recordings can be saved on removable storage devices. For example, one week’s worth of video footage can be saved on a 32 GB storage card. When the storage device is full, you can erase the previous week’s recordings and keep the current week’s data.

If you are a fleet manager or a parent who wants to prioritize the safety of kids, having video surveillance systems in your vehicles is a great decision. These devices can be of great help when unfortunate incidents happen on a bus. 

You can access unbiased video accounts of events whenever they happen. School bus DVR systems, audio recorders, and microphones provide a complete record of incidents from several perspectives. 

What’s more, vehicles with infrared-enabled weatherproof cameras support night vision, which means recordings can be made even during the night. Visit for more information on bus cameras, APCs, and vehicle surveillance systems.

Why do buses have cameras?

Bus cameras improve safety from every angle. EyeRide school bus cameras are designed to capture video and audio as events unfold in a bus. With these systems, drivers can keep an eye on the road from different angles. Acts of vandalism, bullying, and student misbehavior can be identified by using school bus cameras.

School districts may install and operate automated school bus cameras to monitor misconduct. A growing number of countries are trying to catch and punish motorists who flout traffic regulations by installing outdoor bus cameras to record the reckless habits of passing drivers. In the United States, at least 22 states have enacted school bus stop-arm camera laws in efforts to prioritize the safety of school kids.

A bus equipped with remote monitoring tools such as wireless IP video systems can immediately transmit footage of violations to make it easier for offending drivers to be caught and penalized. 

Video analytics technologies can boost the efficiency of in-bus security cameras. Rather than relying on your eyesight alone, install EyeRide bus cameras to improve your vision of the road.

Because school bus operators are charged with moving thousands of kids to school every year, it’s imperative that safety cameras have become part and parcel of school transport.

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Synthia Rozario
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