Iran announces sabotage at nuclear facility in Natanz
Photo: Times Herald

The incident at the nuclear facility in Iran’s Natanz was the result of an attack, Iranian Vice President and Head of the country’s Atomic Energy Organization Ali Akbar Salehi said.

“Iran, condemning this dastardly action, emphasizes that the international community and the International Atomic Energy Agency must confront this nuclear terrorism,” REUTERS quoted him as saying. According to him, the accident was “a failure of the opponents of negotiations to lift sanctions on Iran.”

Salehi stressed that Tehran reserves the right to take appropriate measures. As it became known earlier, an emergency situation occurred in the power distribution system at a nuclear facility in the Iranian city of Natanz.

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran stressed that the incident did not lead to human injury or environmental pollution.

Recall that on Sunday morning, AEOI announced an emergency in the electricity distribution network at the uranium enrichment plant. The authorities are establishing the reasons for the incident at Natanz nuclear facility.

Iran and the “six” of international negotiators (Great Britain, Germany, China, Russia, USA, France) in July 2015 reached a historic agreement on the settlement of the long-standing problem of the Iranian atom. In May 2018, the United States announced a unilateral withdrawal from it and the restoration of tough sanctions against Tehran.

At the end of 2020, Iran adopted a law that provides for the intensification of nuclear activities. Iranian nuclear scientists have already increased uranium enrichment to 20% (the nuclear deal assumes an enrichment of 3.67%), and also limited the IAEA’s inspection capabilities since February 23.

On Saturday, April 10, President Hassan Rouhani noted that a cascade of powerful IR-6 generation centrifuges had been launched in Iran.

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