Joe Biden State of Emergency in United States of America
Photo: Jim Watson/Getty Images

Russia’s actions pose an “extreme threat” to US national security. This was stated by President Joe Biden in his address to Congress.

“I inform you that I have issued a decree declaring a state of emergency in the country in connection with an unusual and extreme threat to national security, foreign policy and the US economy caused by the definitely harmful foreign activities of the Russian government,” Biden said in a statement. The text of his letter was published on the White House website.


As the head of state noted, the task of this malicious activity is to “undermine the holding of elections” in the United States and countries that are allies.

In addition, the American leader accused Russia of “malicious cyber activity” and “the encouragement and use of transnational corruption to influence foreign governments.”

The head of the White House also claims that Moscow conducts “extraterritorial activities” aimed at “undermining security in countries and regions important to US national security” and also violates “established principles of international law, including respect for the territorial integrity of states.”

Earlier it was reported that Joe Biden signed a decree on the introduction of the next anti-Russian sanctions. In particular, US companies are prohibited from directly purchasing Russian sovereign debt.

The US presidential decree notes that the White House holds the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service responsible for the cyberattack on the software company SolarWinds. The software for its development is used by the office of the president, the State Department, the National Security Agency and the military.

16 Russian citizens and the same number of organizations are subject to the sanctions. They were accused of “meddling in elections” in the United States. In addition, 10 employees of the Russian Embassy in the United States will be expelled.