Israel and Greece sign a $ 1.65 billion defense deal
Photo: Anadolu Agency

On Sunday, Israel and Greece signed a defense deal worth $ 1.65 billion.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense said in a statement that it had signed with its Greek counterpart the agreement (worth 1.65 billion dollars), which includes the establishment of an international center in Greece to train its air forces, reports the Turkish Anadolu Agency.

According to the same source, the company “Elbit Systems” will undertake the implementation and operation of the project for a period of 20 years, without mentioning the exact launch date.

For its part, the Hebrew newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” said, on Sunday, that the agreement includes providing Greece with a new M- 346 training plane, and taking “Elbit Systems” the task of maintaining all training aircraft throughout the contract period.

On January 5, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced that he had agreed with his Greek counterpart Nikos Panayotopoulos to sign a security cooperation agreement to build, operate and equip a training center for the Greek Air Force for a period of 20 years.

At the time, the private Israeli Channel (12) said that the Ministry of Defense won the international competition to establish the training center.

She explained that “Elbit Systems” will operate the center and provide training, simulation devices, and the necessary logistical support, and provide the Greek Air Force with 10 M- 346 aircraft (called “Lavi”) manufactured by the Italian company “Leonardo”, which are used in the Israeli Flying School.

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