On Tuesday, the European Union authorized the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against Corona, after a number of countries, led by the United States, had suspended its use, due to fears that it might cause “blood clots.”

The European Medicines Agency said, in a statement, that the benefits of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine “outweigh the risks”.

However, it did not rule out its cause in cases of blood clots, which they considered “very rare.”

She added, “We found a possible link” to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and blood clots are very rare.

And last Tuesday, Johnson & Johnson announced the postponement of the launch of its single-dose Coronavirus vaccine in European countries.

The company took the decision after the American health authorities issued a decision to temporarily suspend the use of the vaccine in the United States, due to fears that it might cause possible blood clots, according to the American “Associated Press” agency.

Johnson & Johnson is the second anti-Corona vaccine that raises concerns about causing blood clots in those who receive it, after the British AstraZeneca vaccine.

Following Washington’s suspension of the use of the vaccine, Denmark, Sweden, and South Africa announced that they would also suspend its use.

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