Iraqi security sources told The Eastern Herald that three Katyusha rockets landed in the vicinity of Baghdad International Airport from the southern side.

The sources indicated that one of the missiles landed near the American military base Victoria.

The sources did not indicate any injuries or material damage, confirming that the rockets were launched from the Euphrates neighborhood in the vicinity of the airport.

No party has yet claimed responsibility for this attack, but Washington often attributes similar attacks targeting its forces or diplomatic headquarters to Iraqi armed groups loyal to Iran that have become part of the official state institutions.

And on Sunday, five people were injured in Aden, when five missiles targeted the Balad military air base, which includes Americans, located north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and at least two of them landed on the facilities of American companies.

In total, twenty attacks, with missiles or bombs, have targeted bases housing US military or US diplomatic headquarters, since US President Joe Biden’s arrival at the White House in late January, while dozens of others have taken place before that over a year and a half.

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