The Speaker of the Turkish Parliament, Mustafa Sentop, confirmed that there is no text in international law that defines the events of 1915 as genocide, as the Armenians claim.

This came in comments made by Sentop in the capital, Ankara, on Saturday.

“The discourse contrary to the historical facts adopted by the Armenian side undermines the efforts aimed at normalizing relations between Turkey and Armenia,” said Sentop.

Armenia and the Armenian lobbies around the world in general demand that Turkey recognizes what happened during the deportation in 1915 as a “genocide”, and thus pay compensation.

Turkey stresses that it is not possible to launch “genocide” on these events, but rather describes it as a “tragedy” for both parties, and calls for addressing the file far from the political conflict and resolving the issue with a “fair memory” perspective, which means abandoning a single view of history, and each side understands what they have lived through. The other, mutual respect for each party’s memory.

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